Roshi Philip Kapleau and the “Three Pillars of Zen”. Posted July 14, “If you fall into poverty, live that way without grumbling – then your poverty will not. THREE PILLARS O F ZEN. TICE. A ND E N L I G HTE N M E NT. [atio1lS; introductions & notes, by PHILIP KAPLEAU. BEACON PRESS. BOSTON. Through explorations of the three pillars of Zen–teaching, practice, and enlightenment–Roshi Philip Kapleau presents a comprehensive overview of the history.

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Neither are hells ever mentioned in the dharma talks of Suzuki-roshi, a Soto master. It’s hard to im Spiritual books often rely on a variety of literary devices; biography, testimony, instruction and problem statements for contemplation. Kapleau returned to the United States but zzen taste of Zen was in his mouth and kapleak he went back to Japan to settle his doubts. For those who aren’t familiar with the author Kapleauhe was the founder of the Rochester Zen Center–one of the earliest Zen institutions to be established in America.

The book describes long hours, months and years of sitting in monasteries. The book itself emphasises finding a teacher or community but lacking that kxpleau could begin a practice with determination. It takes much effort to put the mind in its proper place and to get in touch with direct experience.

Every seeker must find his own path — find Mu — for him or herself. When he came back Today it seems the west is in a big backwash of Zen related themes. Zen Teaching, Zen Practice, with its personal narratives of meeting Kapleau and his book is part of that ongoing struggle to create a Zen Buddhism relevant to our times, our needs, and our understanding.


Dec 18, Pages.

Roshi Philip Kapleau – Rochester Zen Center

Highly recommendable for the breadth of information it contains and its accessibility. List of modern Eastern religions writers List of writers on Buddhism. These early practical chapters I will undoubtedly have to re-read soon, so dense are they with information. PDF for Vietnamese edition is here: By the time you are finished you come to realize that in the bottom foundation, there is not much difference between Christianity and Buddhism.


Hands down, one of my favourite books on Zen Buddhism. To experience this directly is kensho. According to Andrew Rawlinson, “Kapleau has created his own Zen lineage.

He trained initially with Soen Nakagawathen rigorously with Daiun Harada at the temple Hosshin-ji.

Philip Kapleau

To ask other readers questions about The Three Pillars of Zenplease sign up. Oct 18, Stewart Dorward rated it it was amazing Shelves: It is also necessary that we understand where and how Kapleau learned his Zen practice to better understand why he wrote and taught the way he did. When he came back to the west before the big Zen fad had hit he longed to share his experiences so that others could come to self-awakening and experience peace of mind.

Modern Buddhist writers 19th century to date. Nov 06, Jason rated it it was amazing. The most valuable part of this book is the freshness, enthusiasm, and zeal which Kapleau brought to his subject 35 years ago and which strikes the reader today.


This section gives 8 different accounts of people from varying piloars and occupations and their pillasr person accounts of enlightenment. The letters are poignant and Harada-Roshi’s comments are revealing. Even little things like the bringing of tea to japan is probably a huge deal in retrospect, that we probably don’t consider when looking in hindsight at what was truly innovative, and what we should be looking for for future innovation.

This is the paradox which runs through this entire book.

During a book tour in he was invited to teach meditation at a gathering in RochesterNew York [ oapleau needed ]. Philip Kapleau appointed several successors, some of whom have also appointed successors or authorized teachers: My only real criticism is that zzen focus is almost entirely on those who have been enlightened using koans, especially ‘Mu’. It is generally agreed that D. There is a famous Zen koan a Zen paradox which the student of Zen must resolve on the path to enlightenment known as Mu.

Roshi Philip Kapleau

From many academics I look up to they say this is the best western book on Zen out there, I would have to agree with them. Instead, you are given the basics of meditation, Zen life on retreats, and a feel for the Japanese flavour of Zen Buddhism.

Miraculously, everything is radically transformed though remaining as it is. As a teenager he worked as a bookkeeper.