This issue is primarily a bug-fix issue. The format of the document has been changed to docbook in order to sim- plify maintainance by several authors, as well. OpenSER includes from v Make commands to generate the documentation from SGML. This commands are: make modules-readme. See the chapter Routing Blocks in this document for more details about what types of routing blocks can be used in the configuration file and.

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Stop the execution of the configuration script and alter the implicit action which is done afterwards. For now only association reuse for replies is affected by it. For example, printing used fragment in the range to An internal library is automatically loaded at runtime if there is kamialio module in config kamaklio that requires code from it. If it used in a standard route block, the variable is a reference to the status of the last reply sent out for the current request. This is the function called just after Kamailio forks its worker processes.

This structure represents a value in the database. Note that on BSDs it does not need to be set if set it will be ignored, the proper MTU will be used automatically by the kernel. Set the value of Server header for replies generated by Kamailio. MI – Management Interface. This is the main structure related to a SIP message. Write text message to standard error terminal or syslog. Assignments together with string and arithmetic operations can be done directly in configuration file.


Kamailio Users Mailing List – http: Only the Via header will be updated e. New Features in Devel Version.

Assign a token ID and extend the bison grammar. Kamailio and Syslog with Log Rotate. Kamailio will auto-convert to integer or string in function of the operators:.

Kamailio Documentation – The Kamailio SIP Server Project

Check that files before implementing a new fixup function. A third one will merge the two in the near future. Maximum bytes queued for write allowed globally.

Alphabetic indexes generated from documentation modules’ readme docs. Default value is defined is If the traffic load does not justify such behavior and no more SIP messages are processed, the only lamailio is to troubleshoot and fix the locking error.

Look for BUG and errorfor head or tail of a memory chunk being overwriting. It does not affect the implicit action to be taken after script execution.

The transformations are given in between the pharantesis around the parenthesis of a pseudo-variable. SIP Message Processing 3. The transformation framework keeps for each transformation class a function to parse the innername and the parameters, plus a function to execute when the transformation need to be applied.

Extending the configuration file can be done by adding a new core parameter or a new core functions. MI came and introduced an abstractization between the transport and application levels.


Kamailio SIP Server Documentation Wiki

The rank kamaolio a positive number if it is a worker process and negative for special processes like timer processes or TCP attendant.

Note that in config of Kamailio 3.

The route is executed in when a SIP request is sent out. Parameter to set alias hostnames for the server. This type represents a database key column.

Kamailio Documentation

See also dns the effect is cumulative, both can be turned on and in that case if the DNS lookup test fails the reverse DNS test will be tried. Parse the SIP message until the headers specified by parameter flags flags are found. From there you should start the investigation – what are the cases to set that lock and in which circumstances kamailil does not get released.

If Kamailio logs to syslog, you can control the facility for logging. SIP Reply Processing 4.

Reference to source port of the SIP message from which port the message was sent by previous hop. Kamailio Devel Mailing List – http: