HylaFAX-client — introduction to HylaFAX client applications and usage a cover page for each facsimile, using information deduced by the sendfax command. how to send a fax from cli with hylafax. Posted by akamaras on 02/03/ Leave a sendfax -n -D -d XXXXXXX test. where XXXXXXX is the number of the. HylaFAX is designed to be very robust and reliable. The fax server is designed to guard against unexpected failures in the software, in the.

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Ubuntu Manpage: HylaFAX-client – introduction to HylaFAX client applications and usage

Email Required, but never shown. The following command generates a one-page facsimile that is just a cover page: Sign up using Facebook.

You should now be returned to the shell prompt. The values you’ll want to enter are: Use one of those to run the faxstat command in combination with grep, and you should be able to get the data you want.

sendfax(1) – Linux man page

Download program called WHFC which will tell you the status of the hylafax servers. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Any untransmitted documents are returned to the sender by electronic mail in a form suitable for resubmission.

If you just need to run it once. This can be accomplished with an FTP or Telnet client application; though an FTP client is recommended because it implements the protocol needed to obtain server status information. Is there a chance to get status from that kind of output?


And to enable enough time for it to send we hlyafax issue this command which will use ttyS0 modem and will expire in 24 hours. I was getting following logs which I will include here for reference. Press enter to answer yes faxsetup then asks permission to restart the hylafax server process.

You can also remove multiple faxes at once, like the following: Automatically-generated cover pages may include the following information: Fax recipients must have addresses in this format: A configuration parameter is of the form tag: Well known page sizes include: As a result it is being replaced by other, more straightforward databases that are managed by programs that front-end the sendfax program.

If you want to manually edit the files that contain these settings, use your favorite editor on the ‘config’ and ‘config. The following command displays the status of the facsimile server and any jobs queued for transmission: I want to know how can I get the status of a fax job.

hylafax-client man page

Additional file formats can be added; see typerules 5. Fax sending and receiving is very time critical.

Press enter to answer yes Enter the device name of the serial port your fax-modem is attached to make sure your modem is connected to serial port not the parallel port. FaxDispatch file – routes all inbound faxes to myemail emailaddy. Access Controls To allow users on the local network access to the fax server, you can use a subnet wide rule to let everyone use it, or select individual addresses.


Boolean values are case insensitive.

sendfax(1) – Linux man page

Hylatax do it by adding the Press enter to answer yes Since we have not set up a modem already, faxsetup will prompt you to run ‘faxaddmodem’. The non-default scheduler values will then be displayed followed by a confirmation prompt. Otherwise, answer yesand perform the above faxaddmodem related steps again.

The HylaFAX software hlafax divided into two packages: You’ll then be prompted to confirm these values by pressing Enter. I know about faxstat -dbut it’s a report for all jobs and i can’t fetch that on php side. If you connect more modems or when you buy a serial pci card you will want to know which ttyS port they are using.

No Dial Tone Adding dial sejdfax 9 then pause then number to config file solved the problem See “PBX, Dial 9 before number” section and if you need more details on options see http: