Heracleum candicans Wallich ex de Candolle, Prodr. 4: 白亮独活 bai liang du huo. Plants 40–(–) cm tall, pubescent or tomentose. Root stout. M Heracleum candicans Wall. ex DC. is an accepted name. This name is the accepted name of a species in the genus Heracleum (family Apiaceae). The record. Flora of, Jammu. Botanical name, Heracleum candicans Wall. ex DC. Synonyms, -. Family, APIACEAE. Plant Stage, Reproductive. Place of collection, Banihal.

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Seema and Devkant Sangwan.

How much distance is to be covered every day? There are options of helicopter and ponies to skip trekking. Read full report with pictures of the valley. Author Seema and Devkant Sangwan. Couples with young children willing to visit valley of flowers can go through this page.

Guidance on various options available to skip trekking between Govindghat and Ghangaria. Salvia nubicola Salvia nubicola is an aromatic herb of cm height with sticky hairs. We were the first to report that the flowering herracleum of the valley is totally intact.

Heracleum candicans

Expand your search of Flowers!. We also provide packages for trek to Valley of flowers. Minimum age to visit valley of flowers Whether kids can do the trek to Valley of Flowers or not?

Why we need an extra day for the trip.

Valley of flowers has witnessed beracleum massive flood in Flowers are white, small and stamens are 5. In moist places, slopes and meadows.


Valley of flowers hearcleum itinerary Detailed itinerary for valley of flowers trek explaining the day wise altitude gain, distance travelled, mode of transportation available and time required to travel between different destinations. Now the valley of flowers has become again accessible and all the treks and bridges have been reconstructed. You can use one or more filters given below to get desired search results.

Semenovia candicans

Senior citizens also want to come to this heaven on earth but they are confused about whether they can do it or not. Upper leaves are boat shaped. Flowers are yellowish often tinged with brown. Number of Days required in seeing Valley of Flowers Minimum number of days recommended going for trek to Valley of Flowers.

Trek difficulty of the Valley of Flowers trek. Get Detailed itinerary and other details on your email, just fill the from below. We have been taking senior citizens to the valley of flowers. We have many years of experience and based on that experience we have made a list of things to carry for trek to valley of flowers. Distances between various points and time required to travel between them.

Heracleum candicans in Valley of Flowers Heracleum candicans is a herb of m tall with 25 to 45 cm long pinnate leaves. What type of shoes is appropriate for valley of flowers? Your email address will not be published. Valley of flowers after floods. It is very common in all parts of the valley. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. When you go for trek you should wear appropriate type of shoes so that your main concentration is on trekking and enjoying nature.


The above departures of July and August month have an extra day for Valley of flowers Click here to know why you need an extra day in the valley of flowers. Vital statistics are given here. The specific name Candicans means white refers to its white flowers. If yes do not forget to comment or share with your friends.

Semenovia candicans – Wikispecies

Contact us Disclaimer and Cancellation Policy. Following are some of the pictures of the Heracleum candicans,hope you will like them all. How to Reach Valley of flowers It is important to know before starting the trip that how to reach valley of flowers?

If you wish to come with us you can visit this page to see our offers and departures to the valley in upcoming season.

We have seen that shoes of many people breaks while trekking and neracleum people develop blisters. Things to carry for trek to valley of flowers When you are on a trekking tour you should know what are the things to carry for the trek.

What is Fitness level required for the trek? Can senior citizens visit valley of flowers? When you are on a trekking tour you should know what are the things to carry for the trek.