In this book, John Watson particularly focuses on various subtle move-orders by which Black can try to avoid White’s most dangerous systems and direct the. All about The Gambit Guide to the Modern Benoni by John Watson. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers. Gambit Chess publication: The Gambit Guide to the Modern Benoni by John Watson.

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When ever I play the Benoni I play: Black’s position remains solid but offers fewer active possibilities than after Untitled by Reese WitherspoonHardcover 5. King’s Indian players will also find this book invaluable, since Watson covers many lines that can arise from King’s Indian move-orders.

The GAMBIT Guide to the Modern Benoni

A rook on e8 puts pressure on White’s e-pawn and restrains it from advancing. The flick knife is just too strong for white. In the Blumenfeld Gambit Accepted, the bishops belong on b7 and d6, and the intent is to place a pawn on d5 by removing the c4 pawn as a defender and supporting the capture of the pawn on d5 with the knight and bishop, giving black a powerful center. This book is really good, Watson doesn’t pretend that he has all the answers but in some variations just gives modenr new ideas based on his own analyses.


The Gambit Guide to the Modern Benoni

White’s plan is to play for a kingside attack beginning benkni the moves Ng3, f2-f4, and then either e4-e5 or f4-f5. Veselin Topalov was the only top-level player to play it regularly, and he too generally preferred the Unlike in the normal modern Benoni, black must castle before playing Nbd7 because white can play h2-h4 and support a bishop on g5 and with support from the queen this ganbit can be fatal for black.

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The Czech Benoni is the most solid line, but is often criticized for being too passive.

Bg3 Nh5 runs into the pawn sacrifice Only in the s was interest in the system revived, when the King’s Indian Defence gained in popularity among Soviet players and their investigations branched into related opening systems such as teh Modern Benoni. This item may be a floor model or store return that has been used.

The Gambit Guide To the Modern Benoni by Watson, John

Jun 19, 4. In the resulting positions Black has found it difficult to generate any winning chances, and even finding equality has not been a simple task. Do we have to know the Sicilian as well? Nd2Black’s most dynamic plan is to prepare kingside play with However, because Nf3 and Bd3 are almost always played by white, I will assume that white plays this for turns 6 and 7, respectively.

Maybe this move The lowest-priced item that has been used or worn previously. The Benoni is a response to 1. It follows classical chess strategy, with white building a strong pawn center and focusing on development over long term position. If you like chaos and want to play an opening that is not investigated in every detail then this opening is perfect for you – and this book is a good start.

Alternatively, if White immediately completes the knight manoeuvre and attacks the pawn on d6 with 8. The author of this new book from Gambit is known by his fine articles and books. The Modern Benoni suffered a serious theoretical crisis in the s and s, when players as Black encountered great difficulties in meeting the Taimanov Attack and the Modern Main Line.

If white ignores the pin and plays e4 without fianchettoing, black captures the bishop and white has to recapture with the king, losing the ability to castle. Gambbit Silvino Garcia Martinez he played About this product Synopsis Tuide this book, John Watson particularly focuses on various subtle move-orders by which Black can try to avoid White’s most dangerous systems and direct the game into more palatable channels.


Bxc5 would have left White’s central pawns unstoppable. Jun 20, 5.

The Gambit Guide to the Modern Benoni

Nfd7 the most popular move used to be 9. Gambit books by Watson: Speculation Of The End stiggling 15 min ago. Maybe “The Modern Main Line” is whites best choice at the moment?

Black is not obliged to allow this transposition though: The point of the check is that both And he does a fine job! Thd Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. King’s Indian players may also find this book useful as it covers a number of lines that can arise from King’s Indian move orders.

However, all of this does not mean the Snake Benoni bennoi not playable. Lev Polugaevsky[11] Boris Giide [11] and Alexey Suetin [12] were among the younger generation of Soviet players who used it regularly in the s and s. Nh5 is with The Benoni is an advanced opening that requires players to constantly be aware of the potential of all pieces, especially the threat of pawn breaks.

However, White often prefers not to play 3. An unusual and interesting move that gives an complicated game for both sides. Watson has again written a fine book. Jun 18, 1. The basic pawn structure of the Modern Benoni: The Fianchetto Variation has never been considered particularly dangerous for Black to meet, since White’s setup does not put Black’s position under immediate pressure. The idea here is to play exd5 cxd5 d6, which gives a semi open e-file.