To take full advantage of doxygen’s features the following additional tools should be . To get these working on Windows you should install the cygwin tools. DOXYGEN(1) User Commands DOXYGEN(1) NAME doxygen – documentation system for various programming languages DESCRIPTION Doxygen is a. Now this is with doxygen since that is what comes with cygwin. (It seems the cygwin doxygen and ghostscript work fine, and I believe the windows.

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I use the CMD prompt or cygwin, it fails on both.

I ran which doxygen and which dot to determine that my doxygen was coming from Cygwin but my dot was coming from a Windows installation of graphviz. Theres a decompiled source ycgwin at tux: You need some memory, and a bored CPU. Retrieved from ” https: I recommend this heartily. Packages to install by category.

It’ll look a little different than mine. If you want the source code and if you’re scratching your head docygen, then you don’tcheck the right-most box.

Index of /pub/windows/cygwin/x86_64/release/doxygen/doxygen-doxywizard

Email Required, but never shown. By default, only a minimal set of packages are marked to be installed. Some packages depend on others, so packages that you didn’t explicitly mark for install may suddenly appear checked. Further, I’m not quite sure how your window will appear. Cygwin provides many of the Linux utilities and tools, shells, etc.


Getting started with Doxygen

Personal tools Log in. If you’re dozygen a Debian Linux, you can install Doxygen and the dot graph generator that Doxygen uses like this:. This means you’ll just be downloadin binaries already compiled programs. For example, if you want to run Doxygen on only a couple of files such as the ones you’re editing — to see if you got the Doxygen-specific comments rightyou have to edit the configuration file before you run Doxygen.

Mawg – I didn’t ask the question, I only edited it. In addition to basic information gathered from non-comment portions of the source files i.

I’ve installed Graphviz, Doxygen on Windows 7. To include a package just click on the circular arrow see image. It’s how one might be productive on a Windows machine. There’s bound to be duplication. Why can’t I generate the diagrams? This can be a very annoyingly cygwij amount of time depending on how you’ve configured it and how many files are involved. Packages are separated out by category. Everyone new to Doxygen should look at the Documenting the code section of the Doxygen manual.


The short of this, do not unmark a package for installation unless you specifically marked it originally, and changed your mind.

Installing Cygwin on Windows

Everything must be built fresh from source. I’m running inside c: I ran into cygwwin same problem which led me here. The Doxygen manual covers running Doxygen in some detail.

You may, of course, install whatever else tickles your fancy. Pick one that voxygen good, feels lucky Choosing Packages Note: Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Can’t create graphviz graph inside Doxygen html Ask Question. Albert gave some indications of something to investigate, cygiwn.

Did you solve it? Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Generating dot graphs using 5 parallel threads And you may go back at a later time, run the Cygwin Setup program, use it to add or remove packages.